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Golf Balls Go the Distance


In the game of golf there are strategies to playing and different rules you might not be familiar with. You know for example you can’t shoot the golf ball from the middle of the water it has fallen into, but you might not know that you use different balls at different points during the game. For example, if you need help keeping the ball in the fairway then you will go with distance golf balls.

They have a lower compression and will keep straight once you hit them. Of course the ball can’t do all the work you still have to practice your swing. You use the golf ball at every hole so you want to make sure that you are using the correct ball same as you want to make sure you are using the right club. There are some who just have the ability to hit any type of ball perfect every time, but that is not who this type of ball is for.

The purpose of the distance golf balls is to help those who consistently slice the ball. You are the ones who have to yell Four the most because you ball is flying to the right or left at rapid speeds. No two golf players are the same and no two brands of golf balls are the same. You might need to play around with the style and type of balls you are purchasing to see the ones that you like the best for you to keep it in the fairway.


Eliminate Fat Golf Shots For Good And Play Your Best Golf


There are a few reasons why a golfer may struggle with hitting fat golf shots.  First of all, a fat golf shot is one where the ground is hit first behind the golf ball.  Ideally, the correct way to come through impact is to hit the ball first and then take a divot hitting the ground after the golf ball.  If you hit the ground before the ball, you’ll lose distance and club head speed.  When the golf club hits the ground before the golf ball, it slows down the speed of which it is traveling.  Solid contact with the golf ball can only occur when the ball is hit first as the club head comes through the impact zone.

Now, a few reasons why you may be hitting fat golf shots is because your swing is too steep, your wrists are releasing too early, or your weight is stuck too far on your back foot or right side as you are trying to hit the golf ball.  Once you know which of these is your problem, you can work on whatever is necessary to fix it and then will be able to eliminate fat shots and have better contact.

If your golf swing is too steep, you’ll have a tendency to hit shots a bit heavy or fat.  When the golf club swings down too vertically with a narrow swing arc it’s harder to catch the golf ball cleanly on the club face.  To combat a steep swing, try to feel yourself swinging the golf club more around your body.  At the top of your golf swing, the club should be right over the tip of your right shoulder.  If the club is too steep, it will be too far over your neck or head.  In order to round out your swing plane, you may want to feel more of a baseball swing.  You can take practice swings by starting the club out in front of you a couple feet above the ground.  Then, as you make these practice swings, you’ll be able to get your swing plane flatter and more around your body as opposed to too steep.

The second reason fat shots may be happening is because of an early release with your wrists in your downswing.  This problem can actually cause fat and thin shots.  It’s very difficult to catch the golf ball solidly when the wrists release too early in the golf downswing.  The proper position at impact should consist of your hands leading slightly as you hit the golf ball.  This will allow to strike the ball first as opposed to hitting the ground behind it.  All good golfers have a big separation in their downswing between their right wrist and their right shoulder.  You want to swing down with your arms on the downswing but still maintain the lag or angle from your club shaft to your right forearm.  

This is really not that complicated.  If your wrists release early, the golf club shaft and your right arm becomes a straight line.  Instead of doing this, try to hold the angle between the club shaft and your right forearm and you’ll clip the golf ball perfectly with solid contact every time.

Now in a good golf swing, there should also be a proper weight shift.  On the backswing, your weight shifts to your right side.  On the forward swing or downswing, your weight will shift back to the front or left side.  If you move too far back laterally on your backswing, you may have a harder time getting back to the golf ball at impact.  It’s important to be right in line with the golf ball at impact when you’re hitting it.  Generally, if you get too far ahead of the ball you’ll hit thin shots.  The opposite is also true with hitting fat shots.  Behind too far behind the ball causes your club head to bottom out too early in the swing arc and you’ll hit the ground first.  To combat this problem, try and make a correct weight shift on your backswing.  This way it will be easier for you to come back to the ball in the correct position and hit the ball with solid contact.


The funniest clip of his I’ve ever seen!
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PowaKaddy electric golf trolleys from Golfonline


Article by Golf Online

Traditional push/pull carts have been around for many years, but increasingly golfers are turning to electric golf trolleys as they become more affordable and readily available.

As the name suggests, electric golf trolleys are battery-powered carts which can be either manually, or remote-controlled by golfers wishing to take the hassle and stress out of lugging heavy golf equipment around the course.

Often, golfers found that pushing and pulling a heavy golf trolley across the green led to muscle strain and in some cases, injuries such as back strains occurred as a result of this unnecessarily strenuous activity.

Electric golf trolleys help players to conserve valuable energy by taking the hard work out of carting equipment around the course. This allows golfers to focus more on their game and improve performance levels. As they help golfers to cover the green in faster times, they substantially reduce waiting times at the tee.

PowaKaddy electric golf trolleys

Based in Sittingbourne Kent, PowaKaddy have become the market leaders in the electric golf trolley sector. So popular are they that the brand name has become synonymous with electric golf trolleys in the same way that Hoover has with vacuum cleaners.

Online golf shop, Golfonline stock a full range of Powakaddy electric golf trolleys, including:

PowaKaddy Classic Legend electric golf trolley

The popular legend model combines PowaKaddy’s famous versatile chassis system with detachable handle and front wheel stems, allowing for convenient and space-saving storage. In addition to this, it comes complete with an efficient, sealed gearbox for near-silent operation.

PowaKaddy Freeway Titanium electric golf trolley

Appearing in 2 guises, the All Terrain model is ideal for rugged, hilly courses whilst the ‘Compact’ version folds to fit easily into the smallest car boot.

Equipped with a tough, super-lightweight chassis, both models are ideal for golfing, whatever the conditions.

PowaKaddy Freeway Sport Digital electric golf trolley with EBS

The Freeway Sport combines all of the convenience and compactness of the above with extra features such as Electronic Braking System (EBS) and Electronic Distance Function (EDF). EBS provides three levels of traction for greater control on hill descent; whist EDF automatically drives the cart forward at the click of a button.

12 month guarantee

You can buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that all Powakaddy electric golf trolleys are protected by a 12 months parts and labour guarantee. In the unlikely event that something should go wrong, you can have it fixed at one of the company’s nationwide network of service centres

Stay above par and get the edge over your competitors with Powakaddy electric golf trolleys from Golfonline.

School For Golf/Golf exercises


Article by Gary Wells

Golf exercises and fitness programs are an integral part of training on the PGA Tour today. The professional player is committed to developing flexibility, strength, and power to drive the golf ball farther, hit more accurate shots, and increase their competitive play.

Nobody says you have to work out like pro before you go out and play that friendly game with friends, but you should always worm up a little and stretch some of those muscles that will be used directly related to golf.

Golfers exercises consists of several golf-specific stretches, with each stretch specifically designed and selected to improve the flexibility of a key golf muscles or movement needed for golf.

Each stretch will not only improve a different aspect of flexibility that restricts an optimal golf swing, but also prepares your body so as not to strain any muscles and hurt yourself.

A lot of people have everyday jobs that they work at day in and day out that provide them with some sort of daily physical exercise, but those of you that sit behind a desk or drive vehicles all day for a living are more apt to get hurt playing golf if you don`t exercise somewhat before your game.

“Blue Cross and Blue shield” have a list a mile long of emergency visits where people have gotten hurt golfing because of straining muscles that are not prepared for that type of stress.A minimum amount of exercise before your game can go a long way and here are just a few tips that will help.

1) Take a club from your bag and space your hands about two feet apart on the club. Hold the club out in front of 90 degrees to your body and bend over towards your toes and then back up straight. Start out shallow at first and then bend further with each bend. Repeat this 10 to 15 times and it will loosen up your lower back muscles.

2) Hold the club from by the ends and swing it in the same motion as you would swing to make a tee shot. The swing motion will be from left to right as if making a shot as left hander or right hander while in your stance position,(knees and back slightly bent). Start out easy and gradually swing back further with each swing motion. Repeat 10 to 15 times. This will loosen up your middle and upper back muscles.

3) Next is to hold club as you normally would for a shot and pull the club up and over your right shoulder as if chopping wood, then back out in front of you, then up again over your left shoulder then back out in front you. Repeat this 10 to 15 times. This will loosen up your back and shoulder muscles.

4) Repeat steps one, two and three.

Remember, golf is a fun game and you hurting yourself it`s no fun at all, plus all the hassle and embarrassment of going through emergency while your buddies are finishing up their game and heading for watering hole reminisce the game over refreshments.


Quote: The sport of choice for the urban poor is basketball. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is bowling. The sport of choice for front-line workers is football. The sport of choice for supervisors is baseball. The sport of choice for middle management is tennis. The sport of choice for corporate officers is golf.

Conclusion: The higher you are in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become. ~Author Unknown:

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A Lifetime Experience About a Golfing Vacation at Prince Edward Island!


Prince Edward Island is one of the greenest and prettiest regions in Canada. It is considered the best golf place for its scenic beauty of gently rolling landscapes that are covered and fenced by exotic sea beaches and red sandstone cliffs.

The regions that are included are Red Sands Shore, Green Gables Shores, Charlottetown, Points East Coastal Drive and the North Cape Coastal Drive. Prince Edward Island also has a long coastline for it has many inlets and bays and also an irregular shape. It possesses a neighborhood that has a distinctive aroma and surreptitious riches & reserves folded as missing for you to recognize and explore them. The sights include scenic drives, lighthouses, touring and island sea food, experiences of the farms, arts and crafts, shopping paradise, romantic locations and things you cannot even imagine.

Situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, just off the Atlantic coast, divided from the Canadian mainland by the Northumberland Strait, Prince Edward Island is less than 2 hours away from big cities like NYC, Toronto and Boston and has been rated as one of the top vacation destinations in the North American continent. Here you will find the best representation of Canada – heritage, culture, history, learning centers, art galleries, community theatres, walking trails, delicious sea food restaurants and more.

At the Prince Edward Island the golfing vacation is designed to enjoy one of Canada’s top rated golf courses where one can enjoy the pastoral scenery along with championship golf courses and relaxing, exotic, sandy beaches. The golf courses for all those golf lovers are the best amongst Canada’s region because it offers championships that are recognized across North America for its value and quality.

The holiday can get more exciting by the warming influence of Gulf Stream Current and the trapping appeal of the red sandstone bunkers. Prince Edward Island has become one of the premier golf destinations where it does not matter even if you do not have the highest level of golfing skills because there is a golf course at every nearby destination that would definitely suit your tee.  

While you watch someone play the game, you realize it may be exciting to learn to play golf despite the fact that it looks simple but one needs to practice before you “birdie” the hole.  Never played golf before but wish to learn this holiday? No problem. Get expert tips and advice on how to begin to play golf this golf vacation!

Golf vacation in Prince Edward Island will enrich your holiday with relaxation and fun. The island is known to host the International Couples Golf Festival and rates among the top 100 golf courses in Canada. A world class golf destination, Prince Edward Island gives you the chance to play golf on the grounds cherished and revered by the famous golfers. We give you the share of watching the best of breathtaking scenery around and participate in a variety of excitements like festivals, racing, and other outdoor activities during your golfing vacation in Prince Edward Island.

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Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid Reviews

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Swingyde is lightweight, portable and easy to attach to your club. This simple and effective training device reduces incorrect wrist hinging for more distance, accuracy and control.Tired of practicing your swing for weeks on end with nothing to show for it? Turn to the Swingyde golf training aid, which helps you achieve greater distance and accuracy each time you step on the course. The Swingyde works intuitively, with a clip that attaches to the shaft of your club on one end, and a built-in rest that touches your left forearm on the other. The rest encourages your wrist to cock properly during the swing, helping improve your swing plane, swing tempo, clubface alignment, impact position, and follow through. Now you can know what it feels like to swing like a pro. The Swingyde is lightweight and easy to attach, and works for both right- and left-handed golfers.

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