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Adidas F50 Adizero Prime: Football Boots

The new Adidas F50 adiZero Prime have set an amazing new benchmark in the lightweight performance by beating their older models by just 20 grams. The highest scoring boot of World Cup, original adiZero was available in synthetic and leather material- with Synthetic version of cleats tipping scales at just 165 grams.
The new adiZero Prime is available in synthetic only but it has various special tweaks to bring down its weight to just 145 grams per boot. Although, adiZero was not the lightest boot last year because of its rival Puma releasing v1.10SL of just 155 grams in weight but this time Adidas has designed the lightest shoe ever for the footballers.

One reason behind this weight-reduction is the new upper dubbed adiTwin light. adiTwin light is exclusive to adiZero Prime and is single layer synthetic for the optimum weight reduction, comfort and ball feel. Another reason for the light weight is TPU bottom frame. It is no hidden fact that Adidas use TPU in its every shoe model, this time it has been seen in the form of dark colored rim above soleplate.
This feature would take strain away from upper frame (which because of the forces exerted in the match are trying constantly to move in the different directions) and result in comfortable and more durable pair of football boots.

Lastly, Adidas has left no stone unturned to make adiZero Prime lightweight and bulletproof. The use of Kevlar laces make sure that no additional milligram adds to the weight of these sharp looking football shoes.
The major point of contention for the most football shoes fans is the cost. At $400/£260, these are the only most expensive football shoes which Adidas have produced ever.

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